Fuel home delivery starts to catch on in the US

If you could use an app to send someone to fill your car’s empty gas tank while you were at work, would you do it?, Miami-based Neighborhood Fuel thinks so

It’s a bet based on an underground service that’s operated in Miami for years: Having a truck come by with a guy dragging a hose across your yard to fill up your boat

There is no extra cost to using the Fuel app — you pay the same as you would at the pump.

The question is whether people will shift their refueling habits. For a driving-obsessed community that can’t even be bothered to use turn signals, some might question whether Miami is the right place to launch such a business

But Camaraza is confident that Fuel will catch on. It currently employs 19 people and expects to have 60 workers by the end of the year as it expands across the state. It also gained credibility at companies like Royal Caribbean by providing fuel during Hurricane Irma.

“Why give our time to something we don’t have to give it to … especially if it’s not costing anymore,” he says.