Kiwis give fuel companies middle finger as nationwide boycott underway

Kiwis around the country are set to boycott petrol stations in protest of the rising fuel tax and prices.

Despite many petrol stations offering discounts today to entice road users in, organisers of the nationwide strike are pressing Kiwis to hold firm on their commitment to boycott petrol stations. The event organisers have asked motorists to avoid fueling up for two days, but asked those who plan on filling up their tank to avoid the "main" fuel companies.

"If you do need petrol try to avoid the main ones: Z, BP, Mobil, Caltex and visit an independent one if possible."Many of these companies are offering discounts today to entice us in, it just proves their manipulation, so don't let them win! We are the consumers so we have the power!"

According to the event page, more than 18,000 people have committed to the boycott with a further 19,000 showing interest in joining the strike. Event organiser Julia Roche told the Herald it isn't viable that the cost of petrol keeps going up."I have to look at where I go and what I do with my children."