El Corte Inglés and Repsol project the largest network of convenience stores in Spain

Repsol will accelerate this year its alliance with El Corte Inglés to create the largest network of proximity and convenience stores in Spain and plans to exceed 350 Supercor Stop & Go stores at its service stations.

In 2017, Repsol and El Corte Inglés signed a strategic agreement whereby the energy company has an exclusive brand of Supercor Stop & Go supermarkets. At the end of September last year, both groups announced the goal of opening 1,000 Supercor Stop & Go stores at Repsol service stations in the next three years.

Repsol has approximately 3,400 service stations in Spain and supermarkets are installed both in its own network and in franchises. In addition, as part of the agreement, El Corte Inglés became the purchasing centre of the network of Repsol service stations, which made available to the energy company an assortment of more than 35,000 references of food, gourmet products , drinks and bazaar, in addition to more than 60,000 non-food items.