65 fuel stations in Uganda fail to comply with standards

At least 67 fuel stations across the country have failed to comply with the set standards in the four months, the Ugandan government has warned.

The Energy Ministry said in a statement that the filling stations were faulted after their products failed the test that was carried out during a joint monitoring by the Energy ministry and the Uganda National Bureau of Standards.

The faulted stations are listed in the fuel marking and quality monitoring programme report covering the period from the month of December 2018 to March this year. The Commissioner in charge of Petroleum Supply Department, Rev. Justaf Frank Tukwasibwe said that the filling stations failed on petroleum Motor Spirit (petrol), diesel, parts per million and relative standard deviation.

“The public may be aware that the department of petroleum supply in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development routinely carries out inspection and monitoring of downstream petroleum facilities and products to ensure that they do comply with the standards.

For products quality, the department carries out this task with the UNBS under the Fuel Marking and Quality monitoring programme,” Tukwasibwe explained.