Neste breaks new ground in Finland with using robot arm to dispense fuel

Neste is also breaking new ground in Finland with robotized refueling, which is still a rarity internationally. In the future, as the Neste station station shows, refueling will be carried out with the help of a special robotic arm, with no human intervention.

The robot system will be tested with a selected test team before being introduced to customers. To use the new system, customers need a chip installation in the car for the robot to identify. This enables the system to identify the make of car and the recommended fuel for it.

Panu Kopra, Executive Vice President for Marketing & Services business area at Neste commentes: “If the piloting and commissioning of the robotic refueling system are successful, we hope we can add robots to other filling stations as well. Already, a customer can pay for fuel at Neste stations on their mobile phone, and in the future, refueling will be possible without the customer leaving the car. In the future, a robot arm could be a good aid for people with reduced mobility”.