Shell is the industry's most valuable brand

Shell remains the world’s most valuable oil and gas brand with a brand value of US$37 billion, up from US$31.6 billion last year.

Shell’s asset disposal program and geographic pullback have helped it to consolidate the strength of its brand, which has been upgraded from AA+ to AAA.

Its long-standing partnership with Ferrari continues to deliver returns, with a demonstrable price premium attributable to the association with the world’s most powerful auto brand.

As part of its ‘Make the Future’ initiative, Shell enlisted the help of six popstars from around the world for its ‘Best Day of My Life’ video, which became one of the most viral ads of 2016.

Brand Finance CEO David Haigh says, “The enhanced strength of Shell’s brand will enable it to maintain or improve margins, even as revenues fall.”

2nd and 3rd place are Sinopec and PetroChina which are growing rapidly. As in so many other of Brand Finance’s brand value league tables, Chinese brands are just on the cusp of taking the number one spot.

Sinopec and PetroChina’s brands are worth US$29.6 billion and US$29 billion respectively and even with far lower rates of growth than this year (47% and 43%), both could easily overtake Shell in 2018.