erpecnews magazine

erpecnews is a monthly magazine highlighting important stories from around the world in an easy to read printed format.

erpecnews is published in two editions, a European version and a Middle East, African & Asian version, both available in printed and e-book formats.

  • International news, a selection of the month's most important stories
  • New Technology, covering innovations affecting the marketplace
  • In depth features on oil companies and industry suppliers
  • Event reviews and important diary dates

For Retail Managers, Purchasing Managers, Merchandising Managers, Technical Managers, Engineers and Construction Managers, erpecnews is your monthly opportunity to catch up on all the news from the past month you may have missed.

For more information on erpecnews circulation and advertising opportunities, please contact Sandra Stroppel,

Media pack

You can view our full media pack for 2019/2020 below or download it here.

Publication schedule 2020

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and its consequences for international business, we have made some changes to our publication schedule for 2020, postponing the March, April and May issue towards Q2 and Q3 of the year. This will still allow us to publish 8 editions in total, as per the usual schedule, i.e.

Jan-Feb - published | March postponed - now June | April postponed - now August | May postponed - now November

New artwork deadlines & publication dates are as follows

June Artwork deadline: 15/06/2019 | Publication date: 30/06/2020

July - Artwork deadline: 15/07/2019 | Publication date: 30/07/2020

August - Artwork deadline: 15/08/2020 | Publication date: 30/08/2020

September - Artwork deadline: 10/09/2020 | Publication date: 30/09/2020

October - Artwork deadline: 15/10/2020 | Publication date: 30/10/2020

November - Artwork deadline: 15/11/2020 | Publication date: 30/11/2020

December - Artwork deadline: 15/12/2020 | Publication date: 30/12/2020

Artwork specifications

Artwork specs for advertising in our print magazine and online can be found here.