Lake Petroleum ban in Zambia excludes filling stations

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) in Zambia says the fuel import ban imposed on Lake Petroleum relates to the distribution, importation and exportation of petroleum products only, and does not include operations of filling stations.

ERB consumer and public affairs director Agnes Phiri said in a statement yesterday that filling stations are licensed separately from operations relating to distribution, importation and exportation of petroleum products.

“To this effect, Lake Petroleum has a licence to retail petroleum products issued on December 14, 2016 and is valid until December 13, 2021,” she said.

Mrs Phiri said it should be noted that Lake Petroleum also holds a licence to transport petroleum products and in this case, operations have only ceased on the combined licence to distribute, import and export petroleum products.

She said Lake Petroleum will therefore continue to operate its filling stations but it has been excluded from moving products locally as well as importing.

“However, its filling stations can be serviced or supplied by other licensed entities. In addition, the ERB has duly notified Tazama Pipelines Limited about the directive which disqualifies Lake Petroleum from moving products from Ndola.

Further regulatory interventions will be submitted for approval processes as provided for under the Energy Regulation Act,” Mrs Phiri said.