Oil & Non Oil International Exhibition, October 11 -12, 2017, Rome , Italy

Less than two months after the official launch of the 12th Oil & nonoil show, the organisers say that the event is quickly getting booked up.

On October 11 and 12, Rome’s Palazzo dei Congressi will be entirely taken over by companies determined not to miss the only Italian national event dedicated to the fuel distribution industry.

The two days in Rome will attract representatives of oil companies and private entrepreneurs who are interested not only in the various new products and technological innovations on offer, but also in the rich programme of conferences, seminars and workshops.

As in the past, the conferences will feature interventions by leading institutional figures who constantly have dealings with this sector. The conference programme, carefully studied by the organisers, is close to being finalised and companies and associations, too, are proposing some very interesting topics, from both a technical and a commercial point of view.

The exhibitors

“The fact that Palazzo dei Congressi is very central and accessible is a plus factor for this Rome event” says Elena Amadini, deputy sales manager of Veronafiere. “Our aim is to bring together the most important names in this sector, businesses that will then be able to mount larger and more exhaustive displays at the Verona fair in 2018.

In addition, we want to offer our visitors a wide range of proposals, both commercial and in terms of content”. By early June, 80 companies had already reserved 85% of the overall surface area. 80% of these companies have already exhibited at Oil&nonoil, mainly production and service companies that were also present the last time this fair was held in Rome. The other 20% are companies that will be exhibiting at Oil&nonoil for the first time.

The strengths of Oil&nonoil undoubtedly include attention to the deep changes occurring in the sector, to the associations that represent the variegated world that plans, works and invests in the extended and complex downstream industry. Thanks to dialogue with operators and insightful understanding of the sector, we were not surprised by the growth in the role of independent entrepreneurs who have been the guiding changes in the network for some years.

Oil&nonoil developed a specific segment dedicated to alternative fuels, compressed natural gas in particular, without ever taking its eye off LPG, LNG, electric vehicles, among others. The event provides an opportunity for several operators to come together with one another as well as with institutions.

Every segment of the fair has emerging elements, but I believe that our pay-off contains the solid driving elements of our project: energy, fuel, services, mobility. Each one of these words reveals projects, new standards and rules, even expectations, all intertwining with issues that in this day and age go beyond national decisions.

We are working on consolidating the image of Oil&nonoil as an event not to be missed for foreign operators and exhibitors.

Italian technology offers high quality and has interesting prices for buyers in many countries. In terms of visitors, we continue to communicate to our target through industry media channels. As far as exhibitors in past years are concerned, many of them have confirmed their participation again this year. We count on the event’s draw and see interest and intention by foreign brands who are looking for a position on the Italian market.

Education and informative programme

We are putting together a rich education and informative programme that has been an added value for the event since its launch. The conferences will focus on topical issues, analysing the questions that regard the network, its efficiency and profitability, the solutions to attract and satisfy drivers, and offer them an increasing broad array of services.

More than 900 participants registered for the 25 conferences at the last fair in Rome in 2015. We are counting on improving this result once more thanks to collaboration with companies who have always put on interesting technical workshops.