'No helmet, no petrol'

If staff members at the petrol filling station refuse to fill petrol in your two-wheeler, do not lose your temper. Most likely, their refusal stems from your failure to wear a helmet.
Helmets are a must in Kolkata for years. But the rule is more honoured in the breach than in the observance. In a bid to make two-wheeler riders wear helmets, police have decided to withhold fuel to those who don't. The upshot is that they will not get fuel at any filling station in the district.
Sources in the traffic branch of the police said they received orders to the effect from Haryana police headquarters and called a meeting with all petrol pump owners in the city.
Assistant commissioner of police (traffic) Munish Sehgal said during the meeting with petrol station owners, it has been decided not to provide fuel to people driving two-wheelers without helmets.
Sources said fuel station owners have agreed and police will soon paste a warning letter outside every filling station in the district saying action will be taken against the filling station owner if staff members are found providing fuel to anyone driving without a helmet.