McPhy Energy unveils a new clean mobility contract with ENGIE in France

McPhy a specialist in hydrogen production, storage and distribution equipment, is today announcing that it has been selected by ENGIE for a new McFilling hydrogen station.

Pascal Mauberger, McPhy's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, commented: "This landmark clean mobility deal represents another step forward in our expansion, since this ninth station in France will help to consolidate our position as a leading player in this fast-growing market.

What's more, it is another success for our McFilling stations, which have established a reputation for their reliability and robustness.

These hydrogen stations have been successfully rolled out in France and also internationally, including in Singapore and in the United Kingdom.

We expect 2018 to bring a rich vein of new contracts for the filling stations, which are making large-scale clean hydrogen solutions a realistic proposition that can help rise to the colossal challenges raised by climate change and the imperative of embracing carbon-free energy."

Fill up on clean energy in less than 5 minutes

This new McFilling station will enable the technicians of ENGIE Cofély to refuel the hydrogen-powered vehicles kitted out by Symbio in less than 5 minutes, doubling their range with zero pollution (no particles, no CO2, no NOx, no noise).

The nine McFilling stations already or now being installed in France represent a daily potential of 17,000 zero-emission km