Expanding rapid EV charging network in the UK continues

Work to install the “biggest non-motorway rapid charging facility” in the UK is continuing, with more than 60 electric vehicle rapid charges expected to be in operation on petrol station forecourts by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

Charging points are being set up as part through a partnership between EV charging provider ChargePoint Services and Motor Fuel Group, one of the largest operators of petrol station forecourt operators in the country

Motor Fuel Group has around 439 petrol stations operating under brands including BP, Shell, JET and Murco in England, Scotland and Wales

ChargePoint intends to have over 200 50kW rapid chargers, connected to the company’s GeniePoint Network and available for drivers at MFG sites nationwide by the end of 2018

Jeremy Clarke, MFG’s chief operating officer, shown in the above photo said: “Our forecourt development programme includes the installation of some 200 EV charging points by the end of 2018. The programme is now building up momentum and we look forward to giving our customers increased access to this important new fuel.”

Alex Bamberg, managing director, ChargePoint Services, said. “Our GeniePoint Network is the fastest growing reliable Rapid Charger network in the UK. From commuters to taxi-drivers, fleet operators and independent owners, at key forecourt locations ChargePoint Services & MFG are providing a new critical service supporting the change to electric transport for government initiatives, manufacturer product direction and consumer demand.”

Improved coverage for electric vehicle charging points is seen to be crucial in speeding up the adoption of electric vehicles among individuals and businesses, with concerns about range and a lack of recharging points two of the major barriers to speedier take-up of the technology.