Petrosoft launches its B2B Retail E-Commerce site

Petrosoft, a global provider of retail technology solutions, announces the launch of Petrosoft Marketplace, its B2B retail technology ecommerce site designed to address the gap in how technology is sold to and purchased by retailers

According to Euroinvestor, Petrosoft claims the site meets the global retail, foodservice, and downstream petroleum industries’ demand for an instant way to discover and purchase end-to-end integrated technology solutions

The following text is provided directly from EUROINVESTOR

Petrosoft’s online marketplace reflects the company’s philosophy of providing sophisticated solutions for retailers in a simple, transparent, and accessible way

Traditionally the retailer’s only choice was contacting individual suppliers, obtaining quotes based on the retailer’s ability to negotiate a fair price

The marketplace, found at, puts business operators of any size on an equal footing by openly displaying product prices while also providing the convenience of online ordering, no matter where they are in the purchasing cycle

“Petrosoft Marketplace will cause a shift in the industry as it creates the same convenience found in the B2C marketplace which is long overdue for the B2B retail, petroleum, and foodservice industries.

It also enables the new retailer to instantly discover the comprehensive solutions available to help automate and optimize their operation across the entire enterprise,” said Sergei Gorloff, CEO and President of Petrosoft

The marketplace goes beyond offering Petrosoft’s well-known cloud technology to its expanding network of partner solutions.

Retailers will be able to get in-depth information and pricing for point-of-sale systems, self-service ordering kiosks, inventory scanners, mobile printers as well as networking, business intelligence, loss prevention analytics, and back-office solutions. The company encourages industry partners to join this retail solutions marke


Petrosoft’s true-cloud platform and partnerships provide innovative business solutions for the retail and downstream petroleum industries.

Beginning in 2002, Petrosoft transformed the convenience store industry when its founder, a retail operator and engineer, introduced C-Store Office, its cloud-based back-office software solution.

Today, the company designs, develops, and markets end-to-end SME retail technology, enabling a seamless connection between manufacturers, suppliers, sites, back-office, and enterprise systems.

The company continually strives to find innovative ways to enable retail operators to manage their forecourt, in-store and back-office operations.

The company supports its product line from its headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.