PKN ORLEN & Nextbike bike station partnership in Poland

PKN ORLEN in association with Nextbike Poland has declared locations of bike stations at the company’s fuel service stations, according to Petrolworld..

Urban cycling systems form part of bicycle stations running at PKN ORLEN stations, which means that every registered user will be able to rent a bike and return it to any station in a given city, according to the rules and price list of a given bicycle system, with which the new stations will be compatible. Upon prior registration, a special website will be available for users of the ORLEN system and they will be able to receive, among others, discount coupons for the station offer and additional VITAY points.

Krzysztof Lagowski, Executive Director of PKN ORLEN for Retail Sales, said “Consumer needs are constantly evolving. Our clients appreciate not only the product offer, but also the service offer available at PKN ORLEN stations. Already today in several cities at our stations you can rent a car for minutes, from this season in the selected locations will also be available bikes. Our activities are in line with long-term thinking about transport trends, such as sharing or integration. They also give us completely new tools for effective communication with existing and potential clients.”

“PKN ORLEN uses an excellent marketing tool to support the sale of products and services, which is the location of bicycle sponsorship stations. In our systems throughout Poland this year will be more than 100 stations sponsored by shopping malls, large-format stores, office building owners, production plants, and developers,” said Tomasz Wojtkiewicz, president of NextbikePolska, the largest operator of public bike systems in the country. “PKN ORLEN is one of our key partners. I am glad that from the beginning we have been cooperating in such a wide range. Nextbike and ORLEN customers will benefit from this