European car wash market to grow

A new report on the European car wash sector shows that since the 2007 European recession, wash costs have become increasingly important to motorists as they used low to medium cost jet and rollover wash types more frequently. Over the last five years wash operators have slowly increased wash prices to boost wash revenues.

In 2016 the majority of wash operators across Europe raised their wash prices to make up for shortfalls in forecourt revenues as fuel revenues declined between 2014 and 2016.

Automated car wash installations are become increasingly popular across Europe at unmanned service stations as fuel retailers attempt to maximise revenues at unmanned sites. Automated rollover and tunnel wash installations allow motorists to pay for their car wash either at an attached pay station or via a payment app which provides the motorist with a code which actives the installation.

Operators should make use of new technologies to automate their car washes, allowing motorists to use smartphone apps to pay for their wash programs, which would increase revenues from unmanned sites and increase appeal of the site to motorists leading to higher vehicle throughput per site.

The European Car Wash Market report 2017 provides the analysis of the commercial car wash market across 19 European countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK,Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and Russia

Companies mentioned in this report include: Shell, BP, Esso, Circle K, Q8, Texaco, Washtec. Otto Wash Christ AG, Tammermatic, Karcher, IMO, ARC, Elephant Bleu, Hypromat, Istobal, TOTAL, LUKOIL, OMV.