20 prison inmates in India to operate Hindustan petrol stations

In what could be termed as a model for prison rehabilitation projects, as many as 20 inmates of the Coimbatore Central Prison in Tamil Nadu, will start operating two petrol stations in the city from next month.

The prisoners will carry out all work from cash management to filling fuel tanks. The prison authorities will launch the project in collaboration with Hindustan Petroleum (HP)

HP officials convened a meeting this month with superintendent of prisons to discuss about the project.

“HP will set up a petrol pump on the 1.5-acre land belonging to the prison department on Dr Nanjappa Road. It will be one of the biggest petrol pumps in Coimbatore.

In the second phase of the project, another petrol station will be set up on Bharathiyar Road, on the back side of the town bus stand,” Senthilkumar told TOI.

“Our petrol stations will compete with private operators. The prisoners working at the facilities will be given good salary. We will use the revenue generated by the project to carry out development work in the central prison,” said Senthilkumar.

“After opening the petrol pumps, we will focus on the prison bazaar and will create more opportunities to the prisoner reform,” he added.

As many as 687 convicted prisoners, 716 remand prisoners, 63 prisoners detained under goondas Act, 67 women prisoners and seven death convict prisoners are currently lodged at the Coimbatore Central Prison