Self-service now in use at selected Adnoc stations in UAE

Adnoc fuel stations have started the trial run of self-service options at selected outlets, this will enable motorists get familiar with the new service, which is coming soon at all Adnoc fuel stations.

Premium and 'self-serve' banners have been erected at various Adnoc stations to inform customers about the new services.

"The new service is being rolled out in Abu Dhabi first, with customers invited to try the premium service and self-serve option during a free trial period before a small fee is introduced for the premium service," said Adnoc Distribution in a statement issued on Thursday.

Early this month, Adnoc Distribution announced that from mid-April, customers at service stations in Abu Dhabi will have the choice of a new premium service for a small fee, or a self-serve option. The premium and self-serve options will then be rolled out to other stations in the UAE throughout 2018.

The premium charges have not been implemented and the fee is yet to be announced, but officials said it will be introduced soon.

"This is really a good service and it will reduce the time spent in queues waiting for pump attendants," said Fayaz Hussein, 29, a Pakistani motorist who was at an Adnoc station in Al Manasir. "It's my first time that I am using the self-service option to fill my car but I have found the system easy to use."

John Carey, Deputy CEO at Adnoc Distribution, earlier said the new self-service option was aimed at making the UAE's fuel company a world-class retailer by providing full choices to customers.

"We are introducing this service because we want to be a world-class retailer," he told Khaleej Times on the sidelines of Adnoc's annual general meeting early this month.

"If we compare ourselves, world-retailing is about giving customers more choices. We don't give those choices to our customers today. We don't allow our customers to pick and choose and this is why we are introducing the self-service option."

Carey said: "In our self-service option, it gives you a choice of getting in and going out quickly. In terms of the premium service, the objective is to increase speed and reduce on the time people spend waiting around at the filling station, improve the quality of service and also link it to the loyalty so that when we get to know our customers better, we can interact with them and offer them more services."

Adnoc Distribution announced that it is giving away 100,000 additional free Smart Tags for private vehicles, in preparation for the introduction of Adnoc Flex.

The Smart Tags allow customers to pay for fuel without using a credit card or cash, after being topped up online. Saeed Al Rashdi, acting CEO at Adnoc Distribution, said: "Fitting a Smart Tag to your vehicle is the easiest and quickest way to refuel and pay at Adnoc Distribution stations. So, I'm delighted that we're giving away 100,000 additional free Smart Tags to private customers who register and book an appointment at one of our installation centres.

"For those customers who use our Adnoc Flex services, a Smart Tag will make the experience even easier and quicker."

The statement said that over the past year, around 110,000 Smart Tags have been fitted to vehicles in the UAE. By the end of June, all of the company's service stations around the UAE will be smart enabled, allowing customers to quickly and easily refuel and pay.