Byco Pakistan launches first catalytic reformer

Byco, Pakistan’s only vertically integrated oil company, has launched the country’s largest catalytic reformer that will enable the company to refine an additional 24,000 barrels of crude oil per day, raising Byco’s production of RON 92 premium motor gasoline fivefold.

To celebrate this achievement with every Pakistani, Byco is launching a campaign across Pakistan to share its delight with the whole nation.

Consumer promotion titled “Jashan Manao, Do Rupay Bachao” has been launched at all of Byco’s 321 retail outlets. Byco’s limited time offer gives its gasoline consumers a discount of Rs2 on every litre of petrol. Announcing the offer to customers, Byco Petroleum Vice President Asad Azhar Siddiqui said, “Byco is the only refinery in Pakistan producing RON 92 premium quality motor gasoline, the minimum quality standard set by the government of Pakistan.”