Pilipinas Shell to expand its retail network

Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. unveiled its plan to double its annual investment in retail network expansion to P2 billion starting this year. PSPC said it was allocating an average of P4 billion annually for capital expenditure, including P1 billion for retail expansion.

It said the annual capex would stay at P4 billion, but the budget for retail expansion would increase to P2 billion, with a target to put up 70 retail stations in 2018 and make further inroads into non-fuel retailing through deli2Go and Select.

“As far as capex is concerned, our typical plan is P4 billion per year. That is how our outlook is for at least three to four years. The big shift is before, we were spending P4 billion and from that, only P1 billion was for retail. For the forward years, at least half of that, P2 billion will be for retail,” PSPC president and chief executive Cesar Romero said.

Romero said the company aimed to open 70 stations annually. “For stations built, we remain on our commitment of 50 to 70 per year on average. Despite our growth, we do not hesitate to close.. underperforming stations,” he said.

The company opened 66 stations last year, ending 2017 with 1,044 stations nationwide. ‘The business that will have less investment will be manufacturing, the refinery…We completed our major expansions plus a major turnaround. It is really in good shape. The money freed up from the manufacturing investment can now be diverted to retail,” he said.

“We invested $140 million in the refinery. Now, we no longer need to invest similar amount of money for manufacturing. We will continue to pour in money for the supply chain. It allows us good profitability as we have one of the most efficient supply chains in the country,” Romero said.