Tesla Supercharger network grows at record pace in 2018

According to a recent report related to Tesla’s Supercharger network, new chargers are being deployed by the electric-car maker at a record pace in 2018.

The disclosure implies that even though Tesla Motors has already gained a lead in terms of deployment of electric-vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, the company is still relentlessly installing new chargers because of the increasingly fierce competition from a number of EV fast-charging networks. Electric vehicles need strong charging infrastructure and Tesla is moving ahead by offering better charging network.

Sharing details about Tesla’s persistent efforts in deploying new chargers, the Supercharger tracker Supercharge.info has revealed that a total of 121 new EV charging stations have been installed by Tesla Motors during the January-April 2018 period. At the beginning of the year, Tesla had 1,124 EV charging stations worldwide.

The addition of 121 new EV chargers by Tesla in the first four months of 2018 means that the company has deployed a new charging station almost every day thus far this year. However, a number of EV charger deployments by Tesla over the last few months pertain to the addition of new charge points to existing Supercharger stations.

As a result of its efforts in terms of Supercharger deployments, the new charging stations installed by Tesla generally have 10-12 charge points, with the company also adding some chargers to other stations with up to 50 charge points. Tesla’s biggest EV charging stations in the US have 40 stalls. The company has two such charging stations in the country; both located in California.