Motiva is expanding the 76 gasoline brand thanks to a new supply agreement with Global Partners

Through its agreement with Global Partners, a midstream logistics and marketing company that owns, controls or has access to one of the Northeast’s largest terminal networks, Motiva will grow the 76 brand and unbranded fuel sales in the region.

In 2018, Motiva has met with more than 20 wholesalers in New England interested in branding new sites or rebranding existing locations to the 76 brand, the company said. It expects the new supply agreement with Global to further bolster its advantages to potential marketers.

“Marketers are looking for reliable supply and exceptional fuel brands, and Motiva consistently delivers both,” said Eric Lockwood, general manager of business operations for Motiva. “These newest supply points provide a ready supply to New England wholesalers, who have expressed an interest in the 76 brand.”

Motiva is also meeting with unbranded-fuel customers in New England; it plans to post pricing at unbranded racks beginning in June and to bid for contracted business this summer.

“Motiva has a proven track record for supplying unbranded fuels because we reliably provide quality products, timely delivery and competitive pricing,” said Chuck Sanders, commercial sales manager for unbranded fuels. “Through the supply agreement announced today, we can now provide the same excellent service and support to wholesalers in the Northeastern region of the United States.”

The expansion in the Northeast is happening as Motiva pushes to grow the 76 brand into other markets within its entire licensed geography of 26 Gulf and East Coast states and the Washington, D.C., market. In 2018, this includes a focus on the Southeast, where Motiva is signing up wholesalers and retail sites in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, the Carolinas and Florida.

Global Partners, meanwhile, will gain several reciprocal supply points at Motiva terminals in the Southeastern United States. It has also signed a branding agreement with Motiva to rebrand an unspecified number of its locations to 76 in 2018, and to grow with the brand in the future.

“Global invests in brands that provide a high-quality customer experience,” said Mark Romaine, chief operating officer for Global Partners LP. “Global looks to develop this type of strategic relationship with its business partners, and we look forward to working with Motiva in the growth of the 76 brand within our retail and terminal network.”

Based in Houston, Motiva refines, distributes and markets petroleum products throughout the United States. It owns and operates North America’s largest refinery, in Port Arthur, Texas. Under exclusive, long-term brand licenses with Shell and Phillips 66 (for the 76 brand), Motiva’s marketing operations support more than 5,000 gas stations. Motiva is wholly owned by affiliates of Saudi Aramco.

Waltham, Mass.-based Global Partners has about 1,500 retail locations, primarily in the Northeast. Global is also one of the largest distributors of gasoline, distillates, residual oil and renewable fuels to wholesalers, retailers and commercial customers in New England and New York.