Black & Veatch and the SAI Group to deploy 2,000 EV charge stations across 484 U.S sites.

The VW subsidiary has contracted both Black & Veatch and the SAI Group to design and manage their EV ultra-fast charging stations at highway and community locations across the USA. They will be deploying more than 2,000 DC chargers across 484 sites.

Kansas City based Black & Veatch will cover site design and construction in 24 states from the Pacific Northwest to the southeast USA. The SAI Group will cover 16 states within the northeast, mid-Atlantic, south-central and southwest regions of the country.

“Black & Veatch and SAI Group have exemplary safety records and a consistent history of completing complex projects,” said Brendan Jones, chief operating officer of Electrify America.

By 2027, Electrify America must have invested about 2 billion dollars in electric car charging infrastructure across the States, including 1.2 billion in California alone.