Bever Innovations signs Contour lighting supply agreement with The Visive Group

Bever Innovations has signed a production and supply agreement with Visive Group Ltd, Both companies have worked together to develop an LED product for petrol stations. The Dutch company will sell this contour lighting worldwide, except in England, Ireland and China.

The Bever Innovations and Visive teams have been working closely together over the past few months to further develop and improve the LED contour lighting. According to Bever, the product is easy to install, requires little maintenance and is energy-saving.

"This collaboration gives Bever Innovations the opportunity to develop their own LED Contour Tubes, which suit our variety of innovative LED products and solutions. This will give Bever Innovations a strong competitive position in the global retail market ", says commercial director Erwin Dingemans of Bever Innovations.

"This is an important step in our strategic growth plan," says John Scholey from Visive Group. "Having an international partner like Bever Innovations is ideal for our company. Their extensive sales team and expertise in producing and selling LED products worldwide in this market also helps our business. We look forward to the cooperation and of course to the worldwide delivery of the high-quality LED Contour Tube "

Bever Innovations is the market leader in the field of intelligent LED lighting for petrol stations and also supplies these lamps in combination with smart technology. The company is represented worldwide and active in more than seventy countries. Almost all major players, including Shell, BP, Total and Q8, are part of their customer base.