Hindustan Petroleum Introduces ‘Fastlane’ fuel payment service in Mumbai

Hindustan Petroleum will soon be introducing a new automated payment system, the Fastlane. This new system will offer a contactless fuel management system to customers. The Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum has collaborated with AGS Transact Technologies to introduce the new system in the country.

The Fastlane system requires a vehicle to have an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip placed near the inlet of the fuel tank. Along with this, a chip reader will also be fitted onto the fuel dispensing nozzle.

The amount of fuel required can be pre-decided using a smartphone app. This app will also contain information regarding the quantity, type of fuel as well as the prepaid amount for the fuel. Customers can enter a fuel station, fill up their vehicles and drive off. The RFID chip near the fuel tank will automatically recognise the pre-set quantity and fuel type. Once the set quantity of fuel is filled, the exact amount will automatically be deducted from the prepaid amount on the chip.

The service offers a wide range of advantages for the customer. Firstly, it reduces any chance of billing fraud. Secondly, the chances of any sort of fuel mix up is avoided, as the customer can set up the fuel type in the app. The app also allows the customer to keep a real track time of the fuel expense

HPCL has already opened up 18 outlets in Mumbai with the Fastlane system. The company hopes to further introduce it in 35 outlets, initially. The RFID reader in a petrol pump is a minor investment for the station. The company wants to introduce it in every fuel station in Mumbai, then expand to the country capital, New Delhi.