Terpel takes up the distribution of ExxonMobil lubricants in Colombia

One of the movements that left the business between ExxonMobil and Terpel was the passing of the Bucaramanga factory at the hands of the company of American origin, which last week carried out the inauguration of this complex.

The acquisition was finalized on July 3 "with the objective of continuing to position Maxter lubricants in the country and increase the participation of these products in the Colombian market." The area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis factory is 20,000 square meters, in which 30 tanks operate, with capacities greater than 1.72 million gallons and eight production lines.

"This lubricant factory is a milestone in the history of ExxonMobil of Colombia. Before us we have the challenge of positioning a new brand as the best in the market, and I am sure that we will achieve it by applying the quality standards that have always characterised us, added to the professionalism of our staff and operational excellence.

Finally, that is the greatest commitment we have with our consumers: to offer them products of the highest quality, "said Carlos Noack, president of ExxonMobil de Colombia SA