Petropar announces random controls in Spain by mobile lab

Spain's oil company Petropar will be able to carry out quality controls and quantity of the products expended in all its service stations, through the Mobile laboratory acquired and presented recently.

With the equipment acquired, controls can be carried out at the same service stations, in a maximum of three hours to emit the results, which will allow to have a high efficiency and take immediate actions.

According to the state company's report, the investment is constituted in a combined tool of advanced technology and human resources specialized in the determination of quality of fuels, that will allow to carry out periodic controls of quality and quantity In the network of PETROPAR stations across the country.

The engineer Walter Lopez, deputy manager of product Control, mentioned that with the Mobile lab service will be able to ensure that customers continue to carry the best quality of fuels and the exact litre. The mobile equipment will be equipped with samplers of tank bottom, sample run and peak, specimens, bottle, thermometers, hydrometers and others that will verify the appearance, color, presence of sediment, turbidity or separate water and ethanol content in Gasoline.