BPH Migas and Pertamina agrees to digitize forecourt pump dispensers

PT Pertamina and PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia have agreed to the implementation of a digitalization / IT-based policy on each nozzle in 5,518 Pertamina fuel stations from the total 7,415 fuel stations. "BPH Migas and Pertamina agreed to digitize its nozzles.

The goal of 5,518 from 7,415 fuel stations is a data collection and control of PSO and non-PSO fuels to be carried out well," BPH Oil and Gas committee member Saryono Hadiwidjojo said in BPH Migas Building, Jakarta on Monday, Aug 13.

Digitizing the nozzle at Pertamina's fuel stations will make it easier for BPH Migas to monitor and collect data on all volumes of PSO and non-PSO fuels distributed via gas stations. Therefore, Pertamina will implement and ensure that the digitization system is completed by the end of 2018. "Our best effort target is the end of the year, according to the mandate of the stakeholders.

Assisted by PT Telkom as Pertamina cannot reach the entire Indonesia," SVP Pertamina Corporate ICT Jeffrey Tjahja Indra said. Jeffrey says later in one gas station, it will comprise an average of 13 nozzles. The company will convert from the total litres that are channeled into an electronic format.

The format is then sent to the data center to be turned into a number of reports and analyzes. This report will help BPH Migas conduct supervision and control. On the same occasion, Telkom Enterprise and Business Director Dian Rachmawan say the company has not able to explain in detail the funding requirements for the 5,518 SPBU digitization program.

Fund calculations and business models are being discussed by a third party. "In the next few days, there will be a discussion about the budget and business concept. It wiil be formulated. The budget estimation also has not been mentioned. A contract is being made," Dian said.