Olerex introduce new cash withdrawal service across Estonia

Fuel seller Olerex introduced a new cash withdrawal service at all of its 82 manned service stations across Estonia on 1 September. The service is connected to a minimum purchase of at least €1.

The service is available irrespective of a customer's bank and only limited if a card holder has explicitly blocked this kind of service through their bank. To be able to withdraw cash, a minimum purchase of €1 is required. The fee per single withdrawal is €0.32.

Olerex said the service is necessary, as Estonia's major banks have been cutting their numbers of automated teller machines in smaller towns over recent years despite the fact that the use of cash is more common particularly outside Estonia's cities.

Olerex also said that since similar services have been launched also elsewhere in the world, it didn't need to develop the service from scratch. To withdraw cash at an Olerex service station, a customer has to tell the shop clerk the amount they wish to withdraw before they pay for any other goods.

The customer will then pay the amount of their purchase plus the amount to be withdrawn as well as the fee using their account or debit/credit card. Once the transaction is complete, the clerk will then hand out the withdrawn cash amount over to the customer.

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn this way is €5, and the maximum amount €100, Olerex said. Also, any amount withdrawn has to be a multiplier of five. Olerex is fully Estonian-owned and currently employs some 800 people.