Canadian app to deliver fuel with the touch of a button

A couple of Calgary entrepreneurs think they have the makings of a great business venture with a mobile app that allows users to order fuel right to their car.

Maxwell Bracey, the co-founder of Surefuel, says that when you download the app and become a member, you can have access to regular weekly fill ups of your gas tank if you’re at home, work or at school. “We’re constantly topping up and we’re trying to eliminate your need to go to the gas station. This isn’t an emergency service by any means, it’s a utility.

Surefuel is a subscription-based fuel and auto service that aims to eliminate the need to stop at the fuel station with the press of a button on your smartphone. Bracey says the target audience of the app is basically anyone who has a vehicle and finds it difficult to take the time to gas up.

He says the gas bought through the app is will the best to average price on any given day, but there will be a surcharge for the service of bringing it to your vehicle. “This is a subscription-based model, so based on your subscription; you will have value added services as part of your offer.” Some of those services include wiper blade replacement, fluid top ups and windshield chip repair.

Bracey says he originally came across the idea in the United States with a company that was doing very well there and decided it would be perfect for Calgary. “We don’t have the population, but we have the weather condition. We have a group of people here, especially in Calgary that is innovative. We are crying for innovation and technology and that’s what Surefuel is.”

The app is expected to available for download in a couple of weeks and Bracey plans to have the service up and running in Calgary and Toronto by the winter.