Indian Oil opens plastic collection centres at filling stations

Today, the use of plastic is increasing in our lives day by day. Plastic has made our life easier. But due to lack of proper disposal of plastic waste, plastic pollution is becoming very dangerous for our environment and for next generation.

In ‘Plastic Waste Management’, Indian Oil Corporation has taken unique initiative to open Plastic collection centre at all petrol pumps in Bhopal city. In this initiative, Indian Oil and Sarthak Sanstha jointly making efforts for proper disposal of waste plastic. Sarthak Sanstha recycled the plastic waste collected on the pump and makes different items which can be used in daily life.

AK Sharma, Director (Finance), Indian Oil and Vigyan Kumar, Chief General Manager ( Madhya Pradesh State office) launched Plastic collection center at all Petrol Pumps at M/s Maran Fuel Point, Kolar Road, Bhopal for Bhopal city. Speaking on the occasion, AK Sharma said that we will have to dispose plastic waste properly so that we can keep our environment clean.

He said that for this work we have to make everyone aware and connect all peoples in this drive.

He also complimented the cashless facilities available on the petrol pump and said that we have to add all the customers to this campaign.

Vigyan Kumar said that in order to save the environment from plastic pollution, we will have to spread this effort to cities other than Bhopal city also. Vehicles coming on the petrol pumps can bring plastic waste from their homes and put them in plastic waste bin. Sarthak Sanstha will recycle the plastic waste.

This plastic waste will be used in road construction, making other useful items according to the policy of plastic waste management. By managing plastic waste, we will conserve the environment and garbage pickers will be able to get financial support.