Two British forecourt operators to operate under one brand

Motor Fuel Group is free to combine the MFG and MRH organisations and conduct business as one company following a decision published on the 1 October by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

At the end of August the CMA identified concerns at 29 locations in the UK where MFG and MRH were close competitors, where the takeover could result in prices rising for local motorists. MFG offered to sell sites where there was considered to be a problem.

William Bannister, MFG’s chief executive, said: “Our immediate objectives are to quickly put forward our plans for the combined business to all staff and to implement, for a number of MRH sites, the ‘Hold Separate’ requirements which will remain in place while we make the divestments necessary to remedy the CMA’s concerns in a number of local areas.

“52 MRH stations will be managed independently from the rest of the business during the ‘Hold Separate’ process and 15 of these stations together with 23 MFG stations will be sold in a timely manner to comply with the CMA’s requirements.”

Bannister added: “Now as one business, we have the opportunity to develop our winning forecourt formula and achieve our long-stated objective to be the UK’s most dynamic and profitable independent forecourt operator.”