EG Group will operate Esso fuel stations in Germany

The sale of the German Esso network of filling stations to the EG Group has been completed. That is what the British company and ExxonMobil have announced. The acquisition of the approximately one thousand filling stations at our eastern neighbours was announced at the end of last year.

"Naturally, we will continue to sell the quality fuels from Synergy and Mobil lubricants at the German Esso stations. Together with EG Group, our new brand partner, we want to promote the growth of Esso in Germany ", says Florian Barsch, CEO of ExxonMobil Central Europe Holding. He looks forward to working with EG Group. "Both companies will focus on their strengths in order to become an even more important player in the German market for filling stations."

Mohsin Issa, founder and co-CEO of EG Group, which now runs about 5,000 stations in Europe and the US: "I would particularly like to thank the Esso Deutschland team for the smooth transfer and the great support in the period after the announcement in November last year. In addition to the existing suppliers and professional advisers, everyone involved in this project worked very hard to make the transfer smooth and successful. "

According to Issa, EG Group has acquired a well-managed company with an excellent reputation for service to German customers. "Esso's service stations in Germany are a strong retail platform for us to further develop and expand." EG Group wants to invest in a wide range of fuel, convenience stores and food-to-go concepts that are forerunners in the market . "

The cooperation between ExxonMobil and EG Group was initially entered into for a period of 20 years. Responsibility for the development of fuels and lubricants, the Esso brand and marketing remain with ExxonMobil. EG Group is responsible for the operational activities, including the activities relating to fuel prices. The EG Group continues to sell Synergy fuels and Mobil lubricants at the German Esso filling stations and has promised to invest in fuel, car wash and shop activities, as well as in other segments.