Oil&nonoil, the fuel distribution industry’s date with the future

From Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th October, around five thousand professionals of the fuel distribution sector will be visiting the thirteenth Oil&nonoil - S&TC show, which is to take place in Verona, in Italy’s industrial North East.

Most of the visitors to the event will be service station owners, managers, oil company executives, fuel transporters and designers, but a proportion of those in attendance will be linked to the broader field of “energy, fuel & mobility services”.

People’s right to mobility cannot be allowed to undermine efforts to reduce the impact, on the environment, of emissions from fuel combustion, which is in the more general interest. International targets in this regard should be pursued by using less polluting fuels and by seeking to make greater use of rail freight facilities and public transport, especially in towns and cities.

To meet this collective need, Oil&nonoil will be bringing together many exhibitors who propose the use of alternative fuels, and also organising a series of conferences on this same topic.

Many companies are now contributing to the increasing use of LNG for heavy-duty road transport and of CNG to power cars, thereby strengthening a growing trend that, in recent years, has taken the number of natural gas-powered cars on Italy’s roads to over one million and led to the growth of a network made up of 1,300 delivery points.

In the space of just a few years, 15 LNG truck filling stations have been built in Italy, mainly concentrated in the North, while natural biogas, both liquefied and gaseous, which derives from agricultural waste, has been attracting considerable attention.

Although natural gas is the stepping stone to the future, the exhibition, also being concerned with the concrete reality of today’s market, is careful not to neglect the technologies involved in the delivery of traditional fuels, and in automated payment methods. At the same time, Oil&nonoil keeps a close eye on the future, too, and is also organising a meeting on the development of EVs and the pros and cons of investing in that area.

In Italy, the non-oil activities offered at service stations remain confined to car wash and bar/cafeteria services; indeed, they have never really taken off.

Over 60% of car wash facilities in Italy are located in service stations and they are often privately owned and run. The main manufacturers of car wash facilities and complementary equipment will be exhibiting their products in Verona.

Oil&nonoil will be a window onto a gradual process of change that has been under way for years, but picked up speed in recent months due to the pressure of the need to reorganise the network in order to ensure more profitable management of operations.