G500 Network expects to add 750 fuel stations in 2019

The gas group G500 Network expects to add 750 stations in 2019 to its network and expects to close this year with around 500 units, said Luz María Gutiérrez, CEO of the company.

In an interview with El Financiero, the director stressed that they are looking to exceed their plan of having 500 units by the end of this year, because they want to reach more cities in the country.

"Not all stations are conversions of the Pemex brand to ours, some are new units (...) it is a great challenge to which the investor group dared to promote a Mexican brand, not only to compete, but to compete in world class," she said.

She added that it is also important that the new federal government led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) allow greater competition in the market by standardizing the rules for opening new gas stations.

"It's a great opportunity to remove the procedures and I think it can be achieved," Luz María Gutiérrez said. G500 Network met one year at the end of September, and was born out of the partnership between the G500 Gasoline Group, a group of small and medium-sized gasoline entrepreneurs, and Glencore , a Swiss company specialized in the marketing and distribution of petrochemicals globally.

"Making this balance of the first year of G500's existence is really important. The team has put a great effort to start a project that is already a reality, we have built in a year what others have taken a longer period, "said the CEO. On the import of fuels , thanks to the partnership with Glencore, Luz María Gutiérrez said that they hope to be offering this product to their customers soon.