Chevron meets the goal of opening 100 gas stations in Mexico and plans to install 500 more by 2021

The US company Chevron met its goal of opening more than 100 gas stations in Mexico before the end of 2018, but now maintains its new goal that commits it to reach 500 gas stations before the end of 2021

In total, the company has managed to reach the 110 petrol stations in a period of less than two years, with presence in at least 14 cities located in other states such as Baja California Sur, Guanajuato, Querétaro and Sinaloa.

A spokesman for Chevron said "Chevron started with the first station in Hermosillo, but a little over a year we passed the goal. Our goal is to be the most admired energy company in the country for its partnerships in different parts, we have expanded to other markets in the northwest and that is the intention, continue"

Chevron operates in alliance with ENESER in Baja California and El Bajío. They have also decided to extend their arm throughout the country, starting at the border, through other stations that already operated on the border but are now owned by the US company.

Chevron also intends to build infrastructure to have a well-structured supply chain, which includes the import of refined products from the company's plants in the United States.

The Association of Gas Station Owners of Tijuana reported that the almost 250 stations in the city are operated by three foreign companies, Chevron, Arco and British Petroleum; while the rest belong to companies with a national presence, such as Rendichicas, ASB and Gaspoint