Benzina launches contactless mobile payments directly at the pump

Benzina is launching a Benzina mobile application on the market, which makes it possible to pay for refueling at its filling stations via mobile phone directly at the stand. Payments are safe and the customer always has the option of checking the payment directly on the stand

With the Benzina Payments app, there is no need to go to the shop, payment is quick and convenient. Basically, the customer reads a unique QR code from the stand on the phone after filling up and the payment information is automatically loaded. The customer confirms the data and thus pays for the refueling. The application confirms the payment, displays the receipt, and the customer can leave satisfied

"The trend today is moving from cash or credit card payments to mobile payments, so we offer our clients a simple and secure option. We have developed a unique solution that saves drivers time," says Marek Zouvala, director of the filling station network Benzina, a branch of Unipetrol

It is now possible to assign a credit card to the Benzina Payments app, but the possibilities will also extend to Benzina Refueling Cards – the Easy and Business Tank Cards. The payment application requires a security code or can be logged into biometrically, via fingerprint or face ID – depending on the type of mobile device. It is also possible to use it without a permanently assigned card, however, in this case, the customer must insert the details of the credit card during each refueling. The application also displays an overview of processed transactions and a receipt that can be exported into PDF format. Customers who install the app will have a full and clear record of their refill payments on their phones

The Benzina Payments app works in Android and iOS and can be downloaded and installed for free from both Google Play and the App Store. It is possible to pay via smart phone with the installed Benzina Payments app for petrol, diesel, AdBlue and CNG at all Benzina petrol stations

Since 2012, Benzina has modernized a substantial portion of its petrol stations, expanded its services, introduced the new concept of Stop Cafe refreshments and introduced the new EFECTA fuels. It also offers customers high-speed wireless internet access free of charge, as well as free charging for mobile and other portable devices at its stations.

At the beginning of this year, Benzina launched the mobile app Digi Car Wash, allowing you to have your car washed without having to wait in line, without buying a voucher at the petrol station and without entering the code before driving into the car wash. These investments, totaling 2.5 billion CZK, have contributed significantly to the fact that today Benzina is the leader on the Czech market, and also a modern and the most popular brand among the drivers.