Mansfield Energy partners with U.S. bank to combine mobile fueling and fleet card transactions

Mansfield Energy, a leading North American energy supply and logistics provider, announced today it has partnered with U.S. Bank, a leading fleet card provider, to offer fleet managers a comprehensive view of fuel data across their fleets by consolidating retail, mobile and non-fuel purchases into a single system.

For most fleets, driver labour is the number one operating cost. Yet many companies still pay drivers to travel off route and wait at retail refueling locations to fill their vehicles. Mobile refueling can make a significant impact by ensuring vehicles and equipment are fueled while drivers are off the clock and are ready when the drivers arrive to work.

"We are proud to partner with U.S. Bank," said Andy Austin, Senior Vice President of Specialty Products for Mansfield Energy. "Monitoring fuel data can be time consuming and resource-intensive – especially for fleets that utilize several fueling methods.

While fleet cards used at retail fueling locations can generate quality transaction data, retail fuel isn't always the easiest or most economical option. With this new offering, Voyager Fleet Card customers can combine mobile refueling purchases with other fleet card purchases to gain enhanced visibility and control over all of their fueling transactions."

Jeff Pape, Senior Vice President of U.S. Bank Global Transportation, said, "Mansfield Energy provides mobile refueling across all 50 states, which means U.S. Bank Voyager customers now have the opportunity to see a full view of their fleet's fuel data across retail and mobile refueling all in one place.

This partnership is just one of the ways U.S. Bank helps our customers gain greater visibility and control over their fuel purchases."