Setel – The Petronas E-Wallet that allows you to pay for petrol

Petronas has recently released a new E-Wallet which allows you to pay for petrol on your smartphone. It’s called Setel and unlike other E-Wallets, it doesn’t use any QR code. Instead, it only relies on your GPS location.

Since it’s an E-wallet, you’ll have to perform a top up by adding your preferred credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can also top up via online banking. You can add as little as RM1 with your debit card. Once that’s done, you’re ready to refuel using the app.

Unlike credit card transactions, surprisingly the pump machine does not issue any receipts. Instead, you’ll receive a digital copy within the app itself and you can also view past transactions. In addition, Setel also allows you to add your Mesra Loyalty card so you can still collect points with every single transaction.

Interestingly, there’s also a digital kiosk right next to the pump. It appears that you can order food and drinks from the pump, and a staff will deliver your order direct to you. This is super convenient especially for those travelling with kids in the car.

Overall, Setel looks promising as an alternative mode of payment. This is great for those that are still using cash and debit cards. If you’ve used debit cards, you’ll know the hassle of pumping full tank. A single debit card swipe without any preset amount will lock up RM200 from your account balance for a few days.

With Setel, you can manage your petrol budget better with greater flexibility. Just top up with your debit card and you’ll be charged exactly how much you use. At the moment, Setel only works with selected Petronas stations listed below.

Hopefully, we’ll see more petrol stations, especially from other brands adopting this new mobile payment. It’s worth mentioning that Petronas also supports Samsung Pay, but you’ll have to tap it at the counter and not at the pump.

For those who are wondering if it’s even safe to use a smartphone in the car next to the pump, Mythbusters had debunked the myth several years ago. In most cases, it is static that can start a fire. So, it is always recommended that you discharge yourself by touching metal before you refuel.