Eesti Gaas opens three green fuel stations in Estonia

Eesti Gaas is opening three fuel stations for compressed gas, where it will be possible to refuel with natural gas and green gas, i.e. biomethane from Estonian renewable raw materials.

“In a situation where prices for gasoline and diesel fuel are increasing, it is reasonable for car owners to switch to gas. Compressed natural gas is half the price of gasoline, about three or four euros a hundred kilometers and the price has remained stable over the years, ”said Raul Kotov, board member of AS Eesti Gaas.

“Natural gas is also substantially cleaner and more environmentally friendly than liquid fuels. Since the composition and quality of green and natural gas are identical, both cars are equally well suited for use in automobiles, and they can be refueled in parallel, ”Kotov said.

Each site operates two dispensers, each of which has two filling pistols - one for passenger cars, and the second for buses. This brings the number of Eesti Gaas up to 11 gas filling stations in Estonia