Delta Patagonia acquires 124 service stations from YPF in Argentina

The Delta Patagonia company reached an agreement with oil company YPF for the acquisition of 124 service stations and agroservices in 17 provinces of Argentina, which will now operate under the Gulf Fuel brand

"With this purchase and future investments in brand and image of seasons, we plan to invest more than $ 22 million over the next five years , " said the president of the company 's board , Ignacio Hermida.

In a press release, Delta Patagonia highlighted that the Gulf brand is "a pioneer in the world of service stations," since it was "the first commercial brand that opened a service station for motorists in the United States."

The company is defined as "an energy company based in the city of Buenos Aires, made up of a staff of renowned professionals with experience in multinationals in the sector and wholesale and retail marketing operations in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Together the group's partners - among them Copetrol, Energía del Paraná and Barcos & Rodados, with Argentine and Paraguayan shareholders - "control more than 900 service stations and have a presence in the trading business in Paraguay , Uruguay and Bolivia," he added. release.

The general manager of Delta Patagonia, Eduardo Torrás, pointed out that "for years we did not have in Argentina a new flag in the sector" and highlighted that "Gulf is an iconic brand in fuels and lubricants, with a rich history of innovation and great prestige in the industry ".

"We have an ambitious plan of registration for all points of sale acquired in the next year and a half, and we hope to continue expanding the network to reach 150 points of sale by 2022," added Torrás