Disa will not be able to expand its network of gas stations in Lanzarote next year

Disa will not be able to increase the number of service stations during this year in the Spanish islands of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, as well as in Ceuta and Melilla, by exceeding the market share of 30 percent.

This percentage is the threshold established to limit business growth in competition regulations in the hydrocarbons sector, as stated in a resolution of the General Directorate for Energy Policy and Mines

The Law establishes that operators with a market share of more than 30 percent may not increase the number of facilities under ownership or by virtue of any other title conferred by the direct or indirect management of the facility.

Neither may they sign new exclusive distribution contracts with retail distributors engaged in the operation of the facility for the supply of fuels and fuels to vehicles, regardless of who holds the ownership or real right over it.

To calculate the market share percentage, the annual sales of the previous year of the facilities for supply to vehicles included in the distribution network of the wholesale operator or operators of the same business group, contained in each province, are taken into account.

In the case of the extra-peninsular territories, the calculation will be made for each island and for Ceuta and Melilla independently