Shell and MORI uncover shopping behavior shifts

The increase in non-fuel purchases at forecourts is one of the trends reflected in recent research Shell conducted in partnership with Ipsos MORI.

Some interesting statistics emerged as a result;

Nearly half of UK drivers who shop at forecourts more often than they did two years ago use convenience stores, independent grocers or forecourts for their shopping at least once a week, with one in five visiting forecourts at least once a month for food and groceries

Almost half of UK drivers say that they choose to shop at forecourts because they can refuel at the same time and more than a quarter do so because the opening hours suit their schedule

Consumers are time poor and shopping for food has to be fitted in around their busy lifestyles. That is why forecourts are uniquely placed to cater to their needs

About one in three UK drivers increasingly shopping at forecourts because it is typically on their route and almost a quarter because of its convenient location.

UK drivers want a quick and easy experience, with almost a third increasingly shopping at forecourts because it is faster than going to a big supermarket.