Ballenoil to open new fuel stations in Spain

Ballenoil announced last November that it would start operating in Castilla y León with stations in León, Valladolid and Palencia and now has two more in Segovia and one in Salamanca, so in 2019 it will open a total of eight new gas stations.

This "rapid growth" in the Community is due to "the opportunity offered by these markets and the elimination of obstacles by the Junta de Castilla y León against the free market of these new service stations". Thus, the fuel stations will operate 24 hours a day with an employee during business hours and the rest of the hours in automatic mode.

This is the first phase of the expansion plan that Ballenoil has devised in Castilla y León to bring the 'low good' fuel closer to the Castilian-Spanish, a term used to describe the additive fuel at a lower price.

These fuel stations, according to Ballenoil offer a price about 10 cents per litre lower than traditional stations. Which would allow an annual savings of about 330 euros a year, according to a report by the OCU. In addition, these new fuel stations will directly affect the price of fuel in the area, causing prices to fall and benefit the whole society.