Avia competes in Ukraine

Unimot introduces the Avia brand into the Ukrainian fuel market. The process of rebranding the first two petrol stations in Kiev has begun, in which a company from the fuel industry, Wexler Global Trading, also participates - said Unimot.

Based on our competences and experience on the Polish market, we are commencing the construction of the Avia station network in Ukraine. The Ukrainian market is very positive about the Swiss brand; He associates it not only with European stations, but also with an innovative approach to fuel production.

We are introducing this brand as a franchise at petrol stations, however, we do not operate in Ukraine, including fuel supplies - explains Adam Sikorski, president of Unimot. We are considering expanding the brand's presence in the future with other petroleum products.

For this purpose, we have entered into cooperation with Wexler Global Trading - a company with high competencies in the area of ​​fuel trade, which handles a significant number of petrol stations in Ukraine. We hope that thanks to this cooperation, our business potential and the scale of operations on the Ukrainian market will increase - adds Adam Sikorski.

Unimot and Wexler Global Trading has concluded an agreement on cooperation in the fuel and energy sector in Ukraine in recent days. At the current stage, both companies will implement the project of creating the Avia station network. However, they do not exclude, as Unimot states, that in the future they may start joint production of high quality motor fuels and lubricants. Wexler Global Trading plans to spend a lot of investment on this purpose.

The plans of our business partner in the field of fuel production are extensive, with investments of 50 million euros. However, I would like to assure you that Unimot's capital involvement at this stage is small. We estimate that the rebranding of the first Avia stations will not exceed PLN 100,000. euro - explains Adam Sikorski.

Unimot is a member of the international association Avia International, associating 90 companies from 14 European countries that deal with petrochemical and energy products. Unimot has the right to sell such products on the Polish market under the Avia brand and has permission to build a network of this brand's stations also in Ukraine.