Lukoil offers mobile payment to Belfius customers in Belgium

Using the technology of CarPay-Diem, oil company Lukoil is offering mobile payment for fueling services in Belgium and soon Luxembourg to the customers of Belfius bank that are using the mobile banking app.

In total there are more than 1,2 million users of the Belfius banking app. Lukoil has 183 fuel stations in Belgium and more than 270 stations in the Benelux.

CarPay-Diem is a Luxembourg based start-up, specialised in the development of intelligent payment and transactions technology. When the driver arrives at the fuel station, he launches the app, chooses a fuel pump and confirms the payment.

The driver just quits the car for fueling. Once the fueling is done, the bill appears on the smartphone. “Mobile fueling is something we thought about for months internally", says Ivo Hoskens, the Deputy Managing Director of Lukoil Benelux

"Connecting our petrol stations with CarPay-Diem allows us to reach customers outside our immediate network or existing clients and soon additional communities of drivers.”