Jamaica: Texaco retrofitting stations with electric chargers

After 100 years of operating Texaco gas stations in Jamaica, GB Energy says it is on track to become the dominant player in the fuel industry pending the roll out of a number of initiatives over the next two years.

Chief among the plans to secure a larger market share for Texaco, is its ambition to retrofit its service station with electric chargers in response to changes in the automobile market. The changes in technology have resulted in Jamaica importing a number of gasoline-electric hybrid, which commonly uses internal combustion engines and electric motors to power the vehicle.

Ultimately, Texaco hopes to be one of the first-movers when the electric-vehicle industry develops locally. “We sell energy, so if the energy to be sold is electricity, we will sell that. You will have a charger that can charge a car in 25 minutes. Usually, a car is charged at home for eight hours, but you can come to our service station and charge for 25 minutes and the price that people will pay at the service stations depends on the demand,” CEO of GB Energy Jamaica, Mauricio Pulido told Jamaica Observer.

The CEO admits that there will be complexities to implement the technology since it would require high voltages, but said the company will be partnering with the Jamaica Public Service to ensure that other operations of the station will not be affected. Pullido did not give a timeline for implementation but said the electric chargers are being implemented.