Singapore GOJEK announces new partnership with ESSO, DBS to help combat fraud

In a heated race to become Southeast Asia’s super app, both ride-hailing unicorns GOJEK and Grab have made some new announcements.

GOJEK has struck an exclusive partnership with Esso and DBS while Grab is opening up its fraud detection and prevention technology to its partners. The partnership is part of GOJEK’s mission to lower operating costs for driver-partners and provide them with better earnings stability. The partnership will enable GOJEK driver-partners to enjoy an upfront discount of 20 per cent with Esso in Singapore while active driver-partners can get additional rebates up to 12 per cent.

As part of GOJEK’s ongoing partnership with DBS, drivers that use their DBS/POSB debit cards to pay for petrol at Esso will also enjoy additional rebates. The scheme’s details will be unveiled in April. The startup also partnered with Singapore-based startup Doctor Anywhere to offer online and offline medical consultation services to its drivers in the city-state.

Grab to help combat fraud with Grab Defence Singapore-based Grab announced that it is opening up its fraud detection and prevention technology to partners through the Grab Defence suite of tools. Its partners can leverage Grab’s data to strengthen their technology ecosystems and transaction flows.

The Grab Defence suite of tools is offered as part of the startup’s open platform, GrabPlatform. It will be made available to partners in Indonesia and the region in the second quarter of 2019, and it will be rolled out to others by the end of the year. “Fraud is not unique to ride-hailing, it’s a problem that stalks the digital economy at large.

With the launch of Grab Defence, we want to share our expertise with our partners who are fighting the same battle. By tackling this problem together we can build a more robust and trusted tech ecosystem in Southeast Asia,” said Grab’s head of user trust Wui Ngiap Foo.