Thailand's PTG group launches "PT MaxCard" connecting 100+ brands

PTG launches a new card together with more than 100 famous brand partners, connect every lifestyle into one card

Mr. Pitak Ratchakitprakarn, Chief Executive Officer and President, PTG Energy Public Company Limited revealed that throughout the past period, we are committed to continuous business development together with reaching out and understanding our customer group.

PT is committed to developing services to create satisfaction for customers, In the year 2019 PT has launched a new "PT MaxCard", increasing the ability to accumulate points and exchange points with various partners of PT. Making the new "PT MaxCard" not just a loyalty card in the petrol station anymore but is a card that connects every lifestyle in one card under the concept of "Connecting Life's Benefit, connecting with many good deals"

The new feature of "PT MaxCard" is easy to apply, accumulate points, exchange easy with many benefits, and various rewards that match the lifestyle of today's people. Believing that after the launch of the new "PT MaxCard" will result in the number of subscribers reaching as high as 12.5 million members, which will penetrate the new customer base in the urban population together with creating pride for the same cardholder customers that P team baked the benefits continuously and fully as possible

"According to the monthly statistics survey, customers found that members who brought PT Max Cards are used at service stations for almost 75% of the time which is a very satisfying figure. said Mr Pitak.