Something fishy with the fuel at Trinidad service stations

Motor vehicles owners are complaining that the fuel imported and received at the pumps is of a substandard quality at Trinidad service stations.

Some claim that the fuel is linked to the high number of vehicles which have recently caught on fire. On social media, many have said the fuel does not last as long as before, the smell can be described as fishy or like a urinal and for those who have sensitive skin once contact is made it burns their skin.

The Express visited several gas stations in South Trinidad, and met with customers who all agree that the foul smell in the fuel began approximately two months ago. At the NP gas station in Vistabella, customer and maxi-taxi driver Danny Jaikaran said the diesel “stinks” and he noticed the odd smell just about one month ago.

“It smells nasty. It really, relay stinks. I think the diesel we getting is inferior. The smell is like something you would get from those urinals, that’s how bad it is. Those people in authority don’t have to do the work we do so they really don’t know. I used to make five trips when I filled up but now I making only three,” he said.

At the station, shift supervisor Eric Harry said when attending to vehicles he has to step away from the pump because the smell makes him dizzy. “People complaining that they are not getting the mileage as before and it really have a urinal smell. When I am filling up the gas tanks I have to move away because the smell is so bad that I feel dizzy and I could fall down, so I move away,” he said.

At the Rushworth Street NP station, a pump attendant, who wished not to be named said she now has to use gloves when refuelling gas tanks. “This never happen before, I never had to use gloves. But the gas when it touches my skin it would burn and leave a dryish mark on my hands. I don’t know what it is about the gas now but I can say it never happened before,” she said.

Vehicle owner Winston Heeralal of Claxton Bay said he believed the Government is hiding the truth about the fuel. He said he too does not get the mileage for the amount of money he pays at the pumps and this was a major concern for him. “The diesel is not lasting long. What we are getting is a poor fuel and the Government is hiding it from the public. The gas stinks and it is sickening. I am not satisfied but I have no other choice, I have to use the gas to do my business,” he said.

Unipet says it has noted the complaints of its clients regarding the smell and the quality of the fuel. In a statement to the Express on Friday, Unipet said is has invested in a double filtration system as an added layer of protection to its customers.