AXION Energy presented its new Premium naphtha and diesel in front of more than 460 operators

During a mega event held at the Costa Salguero Convention Centre, the company launched its new Premium fuel line called QUANTIUM. Its executives announced that they will continue to increase the number of outlets.

AXION Energy brought together more than 460 operators from its 632 Service Stations to present the company's year plan, which will consist in continuing to increase the number of fuel stations, improve the mix of sales of its higher grade fuels and strengthen the growth of its brands Spot, Castrol and its Premium fuels that from now on will be called QUANTIUM.

The crowded auditorium of Costa Salguero listened to the dissertations of Jorge Bastos , Vice President of Downstream; Sandra Yachelini , Commercial Vice President; Guillermo Abraham, director of Red, and Cecilia Panetta , director of Marketing of AXION energy.

Pan American Energy, owner of the AXION energy brand has been developing an investment plan for 1,500 million dollars for the expansion of its refinery in the town of Campana in Buenos Aires, which will result in a 60 percent increase in its fuel production capacity .

"We will have more and better fuels to go out and fight with more force than ever for a greater share of the market, " the company harangued the operators, who also heard from Marcos Galperin , founder and CEO of Mercado Libre, the vision of a specialist in innovation and service.

AXION energy was the first fuel brand to offer its customers the possibility to pay from the car with the cell phone after signing an agreement with Mercado Libre to access the payment by scanning the QR code that is present on each island of its suppliers.

With Mercado Libre also agreed the possibility of using their Service Stations as picking-point centers so that those who buy products through the famous electronic trading platform can choose to withdraw their products in a comfortable and safe way. "We want to transform our stations into real service centres ", was one of the many messages from the company, which is preparing to have a year with many new features.